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One Thing You Need to Keep an Eye On

Are you traveling solo? With Family? Or are you out for a business meeting? whatever purpose you are here for, a peaceful journey is what you would be demanding for. We at Make Me Travel understand your concerns and this is why we are fully dedicated to offering you the best of the services. After all, your safe journey is important to us. Be it an international location where you want to travel or a domestic trip, our insurance plans will keep you covered at every stage of your journey.

  • The insurance we will do for you would take care of you and also your loved ones, if they are traveling with you. So, say goodbye to adverse situations and welcome bliss to your life. Here’s what all will be covered during your flight travel with us:
    • We will compensate for the loss if you lose your luggage
    • Get access to world-class medical care when in need
    • Get immediate medical aid via cashless facility


Types of Travel Insurances We Bring for You

Our only purpose to provide insurance for your flight journey is to simply protect you financially during unavoidable situations, like medical emergencies, canceled flight, or any other unexpected circumstance. We at Make Me Travel have different types of travel insurance plans that are suitable for different situations. to help you choose wisely, we have described all our insurance plans so that next time, you have to choose between any, you are clear with your pick.

  • Travel Accidental Insurance- This insurance covers accidental death, term life and mutilation protection for you. It also covers sudden unexpected loss, which may occur during flight accidents.
  • Medical Evacuation Insurance- This insurance will cover the cost of deportation and evacuation. if you fall sick while traveling, it will cover the cost of emergency medical return.
  • Travel Medical Insurance - This insurance will cover dental, medical and evacuation expenses during your flight travel and at affordable pricing.
  • Package Travel Insurance - It’s a customized travel package that will include coverage for luggage problems, evacuation, medical and dental costing, trip cancellations, any interruptions or delays in flight.

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