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Privacy Policy

We at Make Me travel is concerned of your personal data and your personal safety is our utmost priority. This is why, we are committed to offer you with a safety cap on your personal information. Also, we hereby declare that, our team in any case won’t use the collected data for any external use.

By personal Information we mean information that may identify an individual effortlessly. Also, it may cover your passport number, birth date, email address, financial information like your bank details, credit cards, etc. travel preferences, health information, travel dates and destinations, and certain membership numbers.

Also, the information provided by is only used when you allow us and disclose your personal information to further the need. For your information, below are the stances in which your information may be used:

  • To provide you with correct information related to your travel through a number of ways
  • To distinguish you as an induvial, i.e., to verify your information
  • To recommend any travel services to you in order to satisfy additional requirements
  • To fold travel insurance policies for you
  • to carry our seamless transactions, without bothering you
  • To collect data to make travel reports for your future need, like the costing, hotels, travels, duration of your stay, rentals, etc.

Our experienced team will gather your personal information via the following approaches:

  • The information can be collected from you, when you may ask us to provide you with the detailed information for your travel
  • From your immediate family, agent/s, employer, employee or authorized representative. This will only happen if that specific person will call us on behalf of you
  • From your travel profile, old or previous records, airline or travel agencies or through financial organizations

    Make Me Travel’s privacy policy is inscribed only to define that how carefully we gather your personal information through our website. We urge you to kindly go through our website regularly and read our privacy policy page, as we often update our policy just to make sure that in case of any moderation, the information is reached to you.


  • Make Me Travel do use cookies. Cookies are nothing but small pieces of files that consists of numbers and letters that if you agree, we will set it on your computer or your mobile browser. To us it will be helpful in distinguishing your individuality from others and permit us to deliver you such an experience that is virtuous and to your greatest satisfaction. In addition to this, it will also help us in upgrading our website. If in case, you disapprove the agreement to our use of cookies, you can anytime turn off the cookies use via your web or your mobile browser. Your personal information will be used by us in the below-mentioned ways:
  • Travel Policies and Regulations

Whether you have booked a flight for an international journey or domestic travel, policies by Make Me Travel clearly states that we won’t be held liable for any kind of damage that may occur during your flight, improper travel dates, departure,or destination details. It’s you who will be responsible for safeguarding each detail that you submit to the agency, formerly the insurance of travel ticket.

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