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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Make Me Travel visibly states its terms and conditions through the terms and conditions page. The page of T&C’s is designed for readers to depict that all content posted or displayed on the website is to provide essential information regarding any changes made to the website. Upon agreeing, a user is accepting the changes made to the site. Readers are requested to go through Make Me Travel ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ carefully before proceeding with site services.

Responsibility of a Traveller

If you’re planning to travel or book your flight ticket with Make My Travel, you become liable to provide valid documents, including your entrance and departure visas. You must also own a passport that should have at least 6 months validity your decided date of plan to take a flight. If you don’t a bide by the requirements stated in Make Me Travel’s policies, you will be held responsible to pay certain penalty, and may further not allowed to board a flight.

Personal Details of a Traveller

It’s your sole responsibility to provide correct details as an individual. If incorrect details or information is found, Make Me Travel will not be held liable or accountable for it. You being a Payee or a Passenger is required to book flights, using the right information, such as your correct name, address, etc. Also, the name mentioned on the itinerary should match your details mentioned on the passport, as if once the ticket is issued, any request to change your details will be payable.

Note: Your request to the change of Full Name will be rejected. Also, keep in mind that the fight tickets you book are non-transferable.

Travel Policies and Regulations

Upon booking any international or domestic flight, Make Me Travel aren’t answerable for any damage caused due to unseemly travel dates, destination or departure. If any detail is submitted before the insurance of travel ticket, it’s only you who would be responsible and not the site. To avoid any untimeliness, do inform our agency 72 hours erstwhile so that we can provide a best option to you or help you find an alternative. It’s further important to note that if airline’s authority has some change in the flight schedule, Make Me Travel won’t take any responsibility for it.

Travel Plan Change Policy

When the tickets are given, at exactly that point, any policy change with a penalty fee will be applicable. Any change introduced will be charged upon the expansion in the fares and taxes. A re-giving charge of 500 will be relevant to a solitary ticket and furthermore, expense like difference in fare or any other penalty by the carrier. Additionally, we demand you to notify us about the change in your plan, 48 hours prior and during a working day.

Payment Transfers

The cost of the ticket may differ, until you have done the last installment. In case,if the agency hasn’t received the payment, the tickets will not be by us. The ticket/s will only be release do only if the full payment is done by you.Upon booking a flight ticker, the ticket price may differ and it’s not us who will inform you before proceeding. So, keep yourself updated with Make Me Travel’s terms and conditions page. To avail the best advantage of Make Me Travel services,we insist you to inform us and stay in touch to know about the latest updates.

Visa Accountability&Special Permits

In case, the documents provided by you aren’t according to the relevant laws and rules, we don’t claim our duty to permit you to travel to your destination. Before taking off to your journey, ensure, you have a legitimate identification and a visa and re-emergence grant. You or a payee will be fined for not finishing the administrative needs.

Passport Validity

It's your obligation to get your visa renewed before you travel to any nation. Every country has its own arrangement of rules and guidelines and it's your duty to maintain the laws and rules of venturing out to stay away from any legitimate activities. Your visa will terminate after your date of movement or before a half year, then countries don't allow any voyager to continue further.

Cancellation Fee

On the off chance that the flight is cancelled, we as your flight agents are not obliged to pay the full discount for your booked tickets. At the point when the due amount is completely paid or transferred to us, the cancellation charges will be pertinent. We don't force a particular sum as fine, as it may fluctuate contingent on the current airfares.  Additionally, we aren't liable to refund you with the non-refundable tickets. On the off chance that the ticket is cancelled, you will have to pay 1000 of Rs and furthermore, the carrier will likewise charge you an expense that won't be included in 1000 Rs.

Right to Refund

Only when the payment is received from a dependable payee, make Me Travel will offer a full refund. Also, the refund duration may vary, and may take approximately 8 to 12 weeks from the date of the refund requested by a payee. We insist you to stay patient till the time your matter is resolved.

Booking Confirmation

The carrier is liable to roll out the required changes in the tickets and flights booking. Moreover, it may be possible that the carrier may cancel the flight without notifying you. In that scenario, Make Me Travel won’t take any action or provide you with the travel details. It’s your responsibility to keep a check on your flight schedule and the ticket confirmation with the individual airlines. To avoid any inconvenience, confirm your facts before your departure i.e. 72 hours before your travel date.

Tickets Check

Resolve your apprehensions and queries about your travel and flight tickets by reaching out to us without giving a second thought. But again, take it as your responsibility to check if you have received the tickets before the departure. Furthermore, all the ticket necessities must be contented from your side in advance.

Credit Card Fees

If paying through your Credit Card, then remember that all surcharges will be pertinent. Similarly, if paying through Make Me Travel through a credit card, you are agree in go to the fact that you won’t ask for any claim of surcharges from us. On credit card - 2% (issued by following companies like Coles, Credit Union, GE credit card, etc.), Visa - 2% (issued by banks), and Amex - 3.5%, fee applies.

NOTICE: A misperception regarding reservations might occur at times. If you fall in such situation,such as your flight ticket is booked but you fail to find out a reservation with your name at the check-in counter, don’t panic. If in the status box, you find it Confirmed, then the concerned airlines should lodge you on the flight, as you’ve already paid. If that is not possible, then concerned operatives will board you to another flight. There’s nothing to panic, as the cooperative airport supervisors are always at your service to help in case of any difficulties.

Airport Check-in Necessities

You must follow the rules set by carriers while boarding a plane, whether international or a domestic flight. Note that the minimum check-in time is two hours before boarding a plane and three hours for international flights.

Concerns Regarding Health

The T&C’s of Make Me Travel states that you’re entirely answerable for your own health concerns before and during your travel. You must abide by the airline health necessities and recommendations to avoid any trouble. If you forgot to carry your medical kit and vaccination documents, Make Me Travel won’t take any responsibility.

Working Schedules

Make Me Travel is always at your service,but it’s important to note that we’re inoperable during weekends and public holidays. So, catering to your needs won’t be possible at that time. Lastly, in case of any unexpected situation, your request will not be entertained.

Taxes and Fees

Besides the ticket charges, you have to pay certain taxes, which certain countries impose as per their set rules. Taxes may differ and carriers may charge, without informing you beforehand.

About Make Me Travel

Make Me Travel is known for its first-in-class services. Our goal is to fulfil the dream of millions to take them to the destined places, both Domestic and International places. What makes us outstanding the market is our unique flight services and pricing. Our ultimate aim is to become every travellers’ first choice, whether they are travelling in the country or outside the country. We have our clientele in the country as well as outside the country. With our offices in India, it clients can easily reach us and claim for a stress-free travel.

Besides, we are also operative from other countries such as- .

NOTE-In case, we have committed a mistake or if there’s any misunderstanding caused,we will take full responsibility of it. However, if travel service provider is responsible, we won’t be involved in the matter. Any action, whether legal or otherwise against airlines, won’t affect Make Me Travel.

Promotional Fare: Our T&C’s simply depicts that the services offered will last for a limited time. Any deviations you make in the time(s), carrier(s), flight(s) or routing(s) during the defined period will be chargeable. Kindly reach out to Make Me Travel before making any modifications.

Curb of Obligation

Make Me Travel should not be held responsible in case you face any accidental occurrence or natural damages. It has nothing to do with us, as that is not under our control. If accountability can’t be barred, the responsibility is restricted to particular values that are obtained while travelling.



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